Comprehensive Weight Loss Programme

  • Do you feel like you’ve tried every diet there is without success?

  • Do you feel stuck in your weight-loss effort?

  • Do you think nothing is working?

Sometimes, counting calories just doesn’t work. And I am here to tell you, there is no magic smoothie potion, no silver bullet, no miracle diet.

Why? Because you’re special. You are as unique from the inside as you are from the outside. And what may have worked for somebody else may not be the right solution for you.

This is why I tailor my approach to weight loss to every client that sees me.

In fact, most of the parameters related to weight gain and weight loss are outside of your consciousness and therefore outside of your willpower. You do not suddenly decide to be hungry, you can’t change how much calories you spend heating up your body, you are not even necessarily aware of how much you fidget and move during the day, and so on.

And in many cases, weight gain has little to do with calories and how much you are eating. For some people, stress will be the determinant factor, for others, it will be messed-up hormones, or a distressed intestinal system. Some find relief after changing their sleep patterns, while others still have to look into the past before improving the present. And even if calories were an issue, eating, like most other human behaviours, is in great part unconscious.

My comprehensive weight loss programme is tailored to your specific need and may include, depending on your situation:

+ Diagnostics of your situation

+ Unconscious mind coaching

+ Body image perception

+ Stress Management

+ Hypnosis for weight loss

+ Nutritional assessment and therapy

+ Lifestyle & health coaching

My Approach to weight loss

It is quite natural to want to know what to expect when seeking the help of a nutritionist. I have seen practitioners acting as marketing agents for pills and shake companies, other having a rigid and almost ideological stance that only one kind of diet should be recommended, and other still that only act as information dispensers without considering the situation of their clients.

This is not me. I will work with you all the way through and beyond, and together we will find the solution that works best for you and your body – that doesn’t mean I’ll only tell you what you want to hear though! And in particular:

  • My programme is NOT an advocacy for veganism, vegetarianism, carnivorism, crudivorism, macrobiotism, low-fat-ism or any other form of dietary orthodoxy. I work with and respect your choices.

  • This is NOT a “detox” programme. I am not a “smoothie guy”. I believe, and I have evidence to back it, that a balanced diet should represent our true omnivorous nature. However, if you feel you need to have a vegan or otherwise approach, we work within your requirements.

  • This is NOT a “pill pushing” programme. I am not working for any vitamin, shake or meal replacement manufacturers. I do not do marketing of affiliate link with any manufacturers of the above. If we identify your need for a particular supplement, it will be up to you which manufacturer you want to use.

Therefore, in order to protect my independence and to be able to advise what is the best for you, I charge a premium for my programme.

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