Pain Relief with Hypnotherapy

Pain is a signal your body send you to tell you that something is wrong. However, it is just that: a nerve signal.

And although the pain is very real, until that signal reaches the brain, it is only an electrical signal. This signal then gets interpreted in the brain as pain. The pain response is a very important and healthy behaviour of our brain, it is necessary to our survival as a species and as individuals. If you have a low pain threshold (meaning a little discomfort easily feels painful), you have better odds to survive.

Hypnosis has a track record of being able to lower pain by reprogramming the brain to increase the pain threshold. From James Esdaile who, in the 19th century, used only hypnosis instead of surgical anaesthesia, to modern practices that can reduce pain symptoms reliably, hypnosis is a truly efficient complementary therapy to reduce your perception of pain.

This is so powerful that i won't treat you with hypnosis until you have an actual medical diagnosis. Tuning down a pain signal that came for unclear reasons is the best way to ignore and compound a problem until it becomes out of control.

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